Gábor Fabricius’s film project wins award in Karlovy Vary

Gábor Fabricius’s film project won the “Best Vision” award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Feature Development – Eastern Promises forum.

Fabricius presented his first theatrical film project at the forum called “Eastern Promises” presenting the region’s outstanding film projects.  His film uses the Hungarian music scene of the early 1980’s to present the unfolding of a human drama determined by the unusual characteristics of that era. The creators have been developing the film project since January with the support of the Film Fund and the assistance of Midpoint and Sources2.

At the forum entitled “Works in Development – Feature Launch” that closed with the awards ceremony the evening of July 4th, the invitees presented nine film projects to leading international experts and potential co-producers. The selected projects had previously been participants in the MIDPOINT film project development program based in Prague. The professional panel recognized the Hungarian film project with the “Best Vision” award for its unusual visual presentation and atmosphere. The prize, worth 10,000 EUR, is participation in the “Art Department Masterclass” program being held in Lithuania.

Among others, the panel presented the Connecting Cottbus and the Rotterdam International Film Festival awards, as well.