Moses, the Nigerian runs through water and land with his family, an East German couple rushes towards the horizon while Radio Free Europe signals spread from abandoned East German cars laying in waste fields. Blacks and Germans fuse though time and space to break through barbed wire. A discourse over humanity and amnesia in a fantasy piece, Dialogue is a fusion of two parallel stories. Music by Béla Bartók, who emigrated from Hungary in 1940.

Director and writer:
Gábor Fabricius
Mátyás Erdély
Art director:
Balázs Mohai
Nóra Richter

Niké Kurta, Frankline Buam, János Papp, Viliet Njomoh, Prince Ogobiuke, Israel Ebaji, Carinthe Antem, Alain Hoola, Tersoo Allagh, Daniel Nuneku, Charles Arum, Eric Abbey, Nwhee Emmanuel, David Orsi, Mike Franke, Bálint Bán